Saturday, October 10, 2009

wind in my hair

83% of my life sans vehicle is awesome. i use public trans.. which means.. no gas, no bills and no unexpected car issues.

however, the other 17% really stinks. there are days (like today) when i very much want to drive up and down the coast line.. and not in a rental car.. in MY car. my zippy little silver toyota coupe. sunroof open, windows down and music as loud as i can take it.

she and i have some amazing memories coasting through the plains of oklahoma and west texas; cruising the southern california coast line; riding through the flat lands and everglades of florida.

there were times i felt so free i buzzed with self-empowerment. i could use a taste of that right now.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


i am the pit
the hard center of a juicy fruit
red liquid drips from my center
as my flesh is ripped and swallowed

lick your fingers
not quite satisfied
have your fill of me
take me apart piece by piece

i am yours for the taking
i give myself organically to you
selfless, caring far too much.
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the cleanse

dripping bark
dewy moss
wet city
like the kisses you gave me
open and ready for the flood.

wash me over
bring out the green in my eyes
challenge my heart to beat faster
love harder, stronger
i want to feel life following through us.

pupils dilate
senses heighten
as we plunge into the unknown
waves crash at all sides
could we ever be strong enough?

clouds part
sun shines
rejuvenated, i stand up
look over, solitude
strength is mine
and mine alone.

the power of a noble heart
the clarity of a noble mind
i take one step forward
smiling and answering, no.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

please verify.. RdcIx

excuse me while i rant for a second..

i am so sick and tired of having to verify everything i put up on the internet. just today, i have had to verify for:

-my own facebook status
-twitter comment
-cousin's blogspot comment

and, of course, there is always myspace ~ YUCK! frankly, i stopped using myspace for a lot of reasons but this one is definitely at the top! i mean, post comment.. please verify; post a picture.. please verify; upload anything.. please verify! oh, and of course it takes the internet connection twice as long to verify as it does to do complete the action. ridiculous!

it also seems like the originator wants to trick you by pushing all of the characters together, so you can hardly read what you are supposed to be typing, which of course leads to a second verification! i mean, goodness.. don't these companies want us to comment and publish?!? well, then stop wasting my time with pointless verifications!